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CoolSculpting Before & After: Abdomen, Tummy & Belly Fat 

Coolsculpting’s most popular use is removing stubborn “belly” fat on and around the abdomen or stomach area. As you can see in thebefore and after photos, CoolSculpting smoothes and sculpts your middle, for flatter abs and a better sillohuette.

Hereditiy largely determines where fat will be stored on our bodies.  So in many cases, diet and exercise are not enough to overcome your DNA. But CoolSculpting can get rid of the stubborn fat around the abdomen or belly area permanently, in both women and men.

CoolSculpting Before & After: Thighs, Hips & “Saddle Bags”

Baggy Bottoms and Heavy thighs – sometimes called “saddlebags” – are also hereditary. Your genes decide to store fat in these locations – and there isn’t much that exercise or diet can do to help. Working out can sometimes firm or tone hips, but often simply will not reduce them in size.

However, CoolSculpting offers a custom applicator that is designed specifically for use in removing fat from the hip and thigh areas. This specialized fat-freezing treatment reduces fat from those hard-to-remove fat bulges on both the inner and outer thigh areas.

Look at the big difference in the outer-thigh “saddlebags” and the inner thigh gap, in the before and after photos above!

CoolSculpting Before & After: Flanks, Love Handles & “Muffin Tops”

Because the placement of body fat is hereditary, in most people, the “flanks” do not respond reduction by diet or exercise. And no matter what cute name you give them – “love handles” or “muffin tops” the fat that protrudes over your pants simply isn’t attractive.

The great news is that CoolSculpting is highly effective at reducing or eliminating fat in this stubborn area. If you are within 10 to 20 pounds of your ideal body weight – but simply can’t rid of the love handles, CoolSculpting is right for you!

Both Women and men can get a smoother silhouette and shaplier, more well proportioned body with CoolSculpting. For many patients, one treatment on each side is all it takes! For others with more fat in the flank area, multiple treatments may be recommended.

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