In this article the skilled and experienced gynecologic surgeons at Hutzel Women’s Health in Warren, MI answer patients’ frequently asked question about daVinci robotic surgery.

What is daVinci robotic surgery?

Robotic-assisted surgery is one of the most minimally-invasive methods of surgery, which is performed through tiny incisions. Compared to traditional “open” pelvic and reproductive surgeries that require long incisions and result in visible scarring, daVinci surgeries only require a few small incisions, each of which are only about 1-2 centimeters in length.

The daVinci Surgical system provides surgeons with the best resources to operate on their patients – including a magnified, high-definition 3D view of the surgical area.

While it is often incorrectly assumed that a “robot” performs the surgery, the daVinci system is not capable of moving on its own. It is instead controlled by the surgeon while it translates the movements of their hands into minute movements of the miniscule instruments within the body of the patient.

Why is it called daVinci?

The daVinci robotic surgical system takes its name from 15th century inventor, painter, and all-around Renaissance Man Leonardo da Vinci. While he is perhaps most famous as the painter of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci also contributed greatly to early advancements in the study of human anatomy. Additionally, his fascination with mechanics let to his 1495 design of “Leonardo’s Robot,” the first documented design of a robot in human history!

What are the benefits of daVinci robotic surgery compared to traditional surgery?

As one of the leading minimally-invasive surgical methods, daVinci robotic-assisted surgery offers a wide range of benefits to patients. daVinci surgeries are significantly less painful than other, more invasive surgeries. They also result in less blood-loss, which in turn results in a diminished need for blood transfusions.

The daVinci system results in fewer complications during surgery, including a lower risk for infection. Patients undergoing daVinci robotic-assisted surgery also enjoy shorter hospital stays, as well as quick recovery periods, allowing them to return to their normal lives in almost no time at all.

And since the incisions made by the daVinci system are about the size of a dime, patients are left with minimal scarring.

Which women’s gynecologic surgeries can be formed with daVinci robotic surgery?

The daVinci robotic surgery system is perfect for a wide variety of gynecologic procedures. Including hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), as well as fibroid and cyst removal through daVinci myomectomies.

The daVinci is also idea for Pelvic Prolapse Surgery and Sacrocopopexy, as well as for performing endometriosis resection, which excises endometriosis adhesions, lesions, scars, and tissue growing outside the uterus.

Additionally, the daVinci robotic surgery system can also be used by gynecologic surgeons to perform trachelectomies, cystotomies, fallopian tubal reanastomosis, and a wide variety of other applications.

What is the recovery time with daVinci robotic gynecologic surgery?

While the recovery period for each individual surgery will vary from procedure to procedure, most traditional surgeries require a hospital stay of at least 3-5 days. With daVinci, however, patients are typically able to return home after as few as 1-2 days. S

Similarly, most open women’s surgeries have a recovery time in the range of 4-6 weeks, whereas recovering from a daVinci surgery shortens that time down to as little as 1-3 days.

Is daVinci gynecologic robotic surgery covered by insurance?

As daVinci surgery is classified as a robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery (MIS), the daVinci system is typically covered by insurance plans that cover other minimally invasive surgeries. While coverage depends on individual plans and benefits coverage, the daVinci robotic-assisted surgery is covered by most widely held insurance plans as well as Medicare.

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